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Delivering the strategy - changes to senior management arrangements

Aug 26, 2010

Deputy Vice-Chancellor, Registrar and Secretary Dr Adrian Graves has written to all colleagues regarding the new management arrangements which come into effect next week.

Following the University Council’s approval of the Lauwerys’ Report, the following new management arrangements will replace the Strategic Leadership Team and related management groups from the 1 September 2010.

Executive Committee
The Executive Committee replaces the Strategic Leadership Team. Under the authority of the Council, the Executive Committee provides strategic leadership and management to the University, assuring it is a solvent and academically successful enterprise. Its membership consists of the Vice-Chancellor (Chair), Deputy Vice-Chancellor, Registrar and Secretary, the four Pro Vice-Chancellors, the Director of Finance and the Executive Director of Human Resources. Other senior officers may attend the Executive Committee from time to time.

Academic Council (Deans and Heads Advisory Group)
The Academic Council (Deans and Heads Advisory Group) will act as a consultative forum, advising the Vice-Chancellor on issues relating to the University’s academic activities. It will
comprise the Vice-Chancellor (Chair) and the Deputy Vice-Chancellor, Registrar and Secretary, along with the Pro Vice-Chancellors and Deans of College and Heads of School.

Professional Services Group
The Professional Services Group will act as a consultative forum, advising the Deputy Vice-Chancellor, Registrar and Secretary on matters relating to the operations of the University’s
professional services, including the articulation of central services with those provided through the Colleges and Schools. Chaired by the Deputy Vice-Chancellor Registrar and Secretary, the Group will comprise all Executive Directors and Directors of Professional Services who report to him.

The Executive Committee, Academic Council (Deans and Advisory Group) and the Professional Services Group will meet together on two separate occasions during the year, normally in September (to discuss the University’s strategic plan) and normally in February (to discuss the University’s financial plan in preparation for the budget process).

A wider Management Group including the members of the Executive Committee, the Academic Council (Deans and Advisory Group), the Professional Services Group, School Directors and Associate Directors of Professional Services will meet from time to time throughout the year as part of the University’s Leadership and Management Programme.

These developments are an integral part of the transformation programme and are designed to create greater coherency in the University’s management structures and to give a voice on critical matters to the wider management group.

There will be further developments of our transformation programme throughout September and colleagues will be updated as decisions are made.

Click here to read the letter from the Deputy Vice-Chancellor.

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