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Virtual classrooms beat the flu and weather

Jan 07, 2010

Lecturer in Computer Science and Learning Technologies Fellow, Lee Griffiths beat the weather and flu this winter by using virtual classroom software Elluminate to keep on teaching.

Despite Lee himself and many students having flu he was able to deliver teaching remotely and continue supporting the students academic needs.

"I had recovered from flu symptoms and was bored at home waiting to return as well as being conscious that the weeks were slipping by and the end of semester was approaching. We don't have time or the strategic capacity to be ill in this business so I wanted to ensure I could continue supporting the students.

"At the end of one of my modules students are expected to demonstrate their software development work to me. More recently with the bad weather I have been able use Elluminate to provide students with the ability to demonstrate their work remotely from their own homes.

"With many of our students living on higher ground in such places as Stockport, Rochdale and Bolton, weather has been a real problem. Using the software this way also allowed overseas students to demonstrate their work from their home countries."