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Rock salt restriction means colleagues must take extra care

Jan 04, 2010

Due to the restriction of rock salt supplies for the Department of Transport and Local Authorities, the University is finding it almost impossible to secure an adequate supply of grit salt to ensure all of our roads and paths are adequately gritted.

Graeme Holland, Facilities Manager in Estates & Property Services, asks colleagues to be assured that he and his team are making every effort to secure further supplies. In the meantime, dwindling stocks will be put to their best use.

Graeme said: "Although we had ordered sufficient grit supplies, the restriction means that we will not receive this required amount. As a result, we will focus on using what grit we have for footpaths. This means that areas such as roads and car parks could be particularly hazardous."

All colleagues and students are thanked for their understanding and asked to take extra care during this cold spell.