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Early finish for colleagues making hazardous journeys

Dec 22, 2009

Due to the current exceptional weather conditions it has been decided that only essential services (i.e. Security) have to be maintained after lunch time.

Colleagues who have to make a long or hazardous journey are encouraged to speak to their line manager about leaving campus from 1pm onwards today.

Keith Watkinson, Executive Director of Human Resources, said: "There is not a requirement for colleagues who leave early to 'make up' their time by using any annual leave to account for this time."

Colleagues need to be mindful of public transport disruptions and should contact their providers to establish the level of disruption.

The University will be open as normal tomorrow and any further decisions relating to the weather and journey planning will be made then if necessary.

The official closure of the University will be at 1pm on Thursday 24 December. Further details of closure procedures for this day can be accessed at: