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New Mornings, Old Streets film project ready to launch

Dec 15, 2009

This Wednesday, the Vice-Chancellor will attend an event on campus to launch a new University-led project which will involve over 500 people from communities around Salford and the North West in the making of a broadcast film developed from their own recorded experiences of life in the region.

New Mornings, Old Streets is a new departure in collaborative social media, bringing together people from across the North West to take part in a range of learning activities, culminating in the creation of a broadcast film about the region.

Fifty years ago a film entitled A Morning in the Streets was made by the BBC about working class life in the North West (BBC Northern Film Unit, 1959). Whilst this film met with a warm critical reception, it represents an outdated approach to broadcasting whereby outsiders imposed their own pre-conceptions and vision on the region.

New Mornings, Old Streets will bring regional film-making right up-to-date, celebrating the talents of local people by inviting communities to use camera phones, camcorders and audio recordings to reflect their own experiences and create a film that reflects their region as they themselves see it.

The project has received £300,000 of funding from the Government and a further £100,000 from partners People's Voice Media, CSV Media, Salford Arts Theatre, Voice of BME Trafford, Chapel Street Business Group, MediaCityUK Public Sector Partners, the BBC and Peel Media.

The project will not just produce a film. Linked to it, the partners will run learning groups and activities based around the wider interests of local learners including creative arts, social and cultural history, health and wellbeing and self-development. A film and audio archive will also be created for posterity.

Project director Gaynor Richards, said: "This is a great opportunity for local people to reject the old image of the region and to fashion one they know to be true.

"And unlike the traditional means of top-down learning, the interactive nature of this project will give people confidence to take their learning further into new areas that interest them."

New Mornings, Old Streets is open to anyone aged 19 and over living or working in and around Salford and Greater Manchester.

The project will have its official launch at the "Yule Learn!" Christmas event which takes place at the University and partners will be organising a variety of related free workshops and open events during December and into the New Year.

Gaynor Richards, added: "Colleagues are welcome to attend the event, particularly those who are interested in building links with the community."

Please register your attendance at the launch event by emailing or phoning 0161 295 3527.

To take part in the project, go to the website