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Remind students of new Academic Regulations before Christmas break

Dec 14, 2009

A letter has gone out to each student* this week detailing the individual's final component of assessment and reiterating the importance of making an attempt at the specified time following the recent changes to the Academic Regulations.

Vice-Chancellor Professor Martin Hall said: "I urge all colleagues in contact with our students to encourage them to attempt all components of their module assessments, but to particularly reinforce the importance of making an attempt at the final component for each module.

"The consequences of not attempting this final component should be made clear so that students do not find themselves in an untenable position at a later date. We are taking these steps to ensure that students will remain with us for the duration of their studies at Salford."

If a student does not attempt the final assessment - and then fails the module - the student will no longer have the automatic entitlement to be reassessed and will not be eligible for compensation.

Academic colleagues are urged to reinforce this message in lectures and revision sessions before the Christmas break and should brief other colleagues who are teaching students so they can reiterate this notice. The letters, sent out last week, are due to reach students over the coming days and include some generic examples of what constitutes an attempt.

For coursework, the 'attempt' should be the final version of the assignment. If a student has not managed to complete the assignment, something should still be submitted. This could include a draft version of the assignment, an essay or assignment plan, a sketch book, experimental results, fieldwork notes or unfinished artwork, film or composition. Where the final component is an examination, the student must turn up and make an attempt to answer the questions that have been set. It is not enough for a student to write their name or student roll number on the answer booklet.

The important changes to this year's Academic Regulations for Taught Programmes were announced at the start of October. Non-completion rates have been too high in the past and the new regulations see the University addressing the adverse effect this can have on students and, ultimately, Salford.

The Vice-Chancellor continued: "At the request of the University's Senate, further guidance notes have been produced and I urge colleagues to read these in full."

These guidelines and illustrative flow diagrams are available on the Governance website at for colleagues and students to read.

The notes explain the consequences of a student failing a module having been given a mark or grade of NS for the final component of the module ("Regulation 8.8.2"). They also state the possibilities of mitigating the effects of student's non-submission of coursework or non-attendance at a final examination.

The flow diagrams clarify the effects and mitigation of Regulation 8.8.2 for a student failing a Semester 1 module having not submitted the final component of assessment - one diagram relates to NS in coursework and one to examination.

Comments or queries about the Academic Regulations for Taught Programmes should be directed to Stewart Smith-Langridge, Governance Services Unit, at

*Art & Design students have been sent the communication by email rather than a letter.
Students receiving this letter registered in October for the session 2009-10.