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Changes in the University’s Management Structure

Aug 20, 2009

Changes in the management structure of the University have now been agreed with the Council Advisory Group.

The new structure has been designed to provide the new Vice-Chancellor, Professor Martin Hall, with the senior management structure and professional support to deliver his vision for the first five years of his tenure. His goals include:

  • Repositioning the University through enhancing academic capacity and capability and performance in teaching and learning, research and innovation and in engagement
  • Further developing Salford University as a student centred organisation devoted to delivering a student experience of the highest quality
  • Establishing Salford as the pre-eminent 'Engaged' university in the UK

Professor Martin Hall, Vice-Chancellor said: "These changes are necessary to ensure fitness for purpose in our management and governance structure. They have been discussed by the SLT (Strategic Leadership Team) as well as the Council Advisory Group. They very much reflect the University's drive to focus its expertise, engage locally and gain the international recognition it deserves."

He added: "These changes are seen as a realignment of activity and in this respect are totally separate from Project Headroom and Realising Our Vision. The University is not looking for any cost savings or job losses. Once the changes are in place and fully operational, it will be appropriate to review how the different elements work together to provide a fully integrated service."

On the Professional and Corporate Services side, Dr Adrian Graves, Registrar and Secretary and the Chief Operating Officer of the University becomes Deputy Vice-Chancellor.

The following senior managers will continue to report to him:

- Executive Director of Human Resources, Keith Watkinson
- Executive Director of Estates, Frank Benton
- Head of Governance Services, Mark Rollinson
- Head of Change Management, Paul Cartwright

A new Division for Students will be established focused on providing services of the highest quality to students over the whole of the 'student life cycle' from the moment of first enquiry to graduation. The new division will incorporate Student Recruitment, Student Information Services, Student Life and Commercial Services. Phil Huggon and Piera Gerrard and their teams will report to Scott Mulholland and Jan Wilman's Commercial Services team will work to Liz Bromley, Director of Student Life. Liz and Scott reporting to Dr Graves, will co-ordinate the development of strategy across the student experience and oversee service delivery across the new Division.

A new Research and Innovation Services Division will be set up to support and facilitate university-wide research, the commercialisation of research outputs and enterprise activities. The purpose of the new Division will be to provide support to the academic community to achieve the demanding new targets for research and innovation income and with a view to encouraging and exploiting the potential synergies between 'research', 'innovation' and 'enterprise'. The Director of Research and Innovation will report to Dr Graves for operational purposes and in matters of strategy will support the Pro Vice-Chancellor (Research and Innovation), Professor Ghassan Aouad, whose portfolio responsibilities will be expanded to include all academic enterprise activities.

An Advancement Services Division is being created to be headed up by Keith Barnes, the new Pro Vice-Chancellor (Strategic Partnerships & Development) who joins the University on 7 September. This division is accountable for developing and maintaining the University's "outward facing" relationships and partnerships, with bodies such as Salford City Council, the regional development agencies and international relationships.

This Division will include the following services:

  • University Development including fundraising, alumni relations and events management, under Jan McKenzie, the newly appointed Director of University Development
  • Communications, Press and PR and Internal Communications, web and intranet development and delivery, corporate branding, brand positioning and reputation management under a new Director of Communications - to be appointed
  • Business and community relations
  • International partnerships.

From the17 August, the functions previously incorporated into the Enterprise and Development Division will be shared across the three new Divisions above. As a consequence, Professor Laurie Wood will stand down from her role as Executive Director and is currently in discussion with the Vice-Chancellor as to her next role within the organisation.

As has been indicated above, Phil Huggon and Piera Gerrard will report to Scott Mulholland and the Internal Communications and Press and PR teams will be incorporated into the Advancement Services Division, ultimately under the new PVC, Keith Barnes.

Dr Keith Lawrence, Associate Director Enterprise, will report directly to the Registrar in the interim - before arrangements are made to transfer these areas of activity over to the new Research and Innovation Division - and will continue to manage his existing areas of responsibility which include commercial and technology transfer, funding development, public engagement and KTP support. Partnerships and Employer Engagement, under Renata Eyres, will also report to him in the interim.

Changes are also being considered in the current ILS Division following the retirement recently of Tony Lewis. A study is currently in train to explore separating the Library from the information and communication technologies functions of ILS. This will enable a new Chief Information Officer to focus exclusively on the urgent and challenging task of transforming our IT infrastructure and services over the next few years.

One further option also being considered is the establishment of a Directorate of Knowledge and Learning Services which would include the Library and an enhanced Education Development Unit. The new Division would be accountable for such functions as the development of our library collections, electronic sources and repositories, information literacy, academic professional development and the virtual learning environment. In the meantime, Dr Ruth Ayres will continue to report operationally to the Registrar and for strategic purposes to the PVC (Academic) Professor Nicholls. An Interim Director of ILS will be appointed in early September and a search is underway for a permanent appointment expected to take office in February 2010.

There will also be some changes in those who report to the Vice-Chancellor Professor Martin Hall.

The Director of Finance, Simon Attwell continues to report to the Vice-Chancellor. From 17 August, the Director of Planning and Performance, Phil Hopwood, and his team move over to work to Simon. John Holland, Director of Media City, will continue to report to the Vice-Chancellor but will work closely with Keith Barnes.

The PVC (Academic) Professor Nicholls, will continue to be accountable for academic quality assurance, standards and enhancement and the development of undergraduate and taught postgraduate programmes across the University, working closely with the Deans and Heads of Schools. It is anticipated that she will also work closely with the Knowledge and Learning Services Division under the new Director of Knowledge and Learning Services - in the development of high level strategy.

The PVC (Research and Innovation) Professor Aouad continues to be accountable for the academic quality, standards and development of research (including postgraduate research) which will now, as referred above, include enterprise and IP commercialisation. He will work closely with the Director of the new Research and Innovation Services Division - to be appointed - in the development of high level strategy. The three PVCs will work closely together with the Vice-Chancellor and in particular will collaborate on developing the University's internationalisation strategy and monitoring its implementation.

The four Executive Deans continue to report to the Vice-Chancellor and be accountable, with their Heads of School, for academic quality, standards and enhancement in their faculties and for achieving the University's strategic goals in teaching and learning, research and innovation and in engagement.

The Strategic Leadership Team will now consist of the following people:

- Professor Martin Hall, Vice-Chancellor,
- Dr Adrian Graves, Deputy Vice-Chancellor, Registrar and Secretary,
- Professor Gillian Nicholls, Pro Vice-Chancellor (Academic)
- Professor Ghassan Aouad, Pro Vice-Chancellor (Research and Innovation)
- Keith Barnes, Pro Vice-Chancellor (Strategic Partnerships and Development)
- Professor Cynthia Pine, Executive Dean, Health and Social Care
- Professor Brian Longhurst,, Executive Dean, Arts, Media and Social Sciences
- Professor Khairy Kobbacy, Executive Dean, Business, Law and the Built Environment
- Professor Steve Donnelly, Executive Dean, Science, Engineering and the Environment
- Simon Attwell, Director of Finance
- Keith Watkinson, Executive Director of HR
- Frank Benton, Executive Director of Estates
- Executive Director of Information Technology - to be appointed.