Internal Communications

The role of the Internal Communications team is to provide a framework for communicating business strategy and success stories university-wide using a range of channels from face to face to online, digital and paper based to improve employee engagement.

The Internal Communications Team works closely with our colleagues in the Press Office to ensure that internal and external communications are aligned and with our colleagues in Student Life who communicate with our students. We also work closely with the Marketing, Planning and HR departments.

Through a number of communications channels we ensure that university-wide messages and announcements are delivered in a timely way and via the most appropriate method; encouraging opportunities for feedback at every stage of the communication.

Our communications channels include:

  • Face to face via regular Senior Leadership events and regular Registrar's networking sessions
  • Monthly core brief - In Brief - delivered to all University Management Team (UMT) leaders for onward face to face briefing
  • Vision and strategy updates - bulletins from the Vice-Chancellor
  • Monthly Highlights - email bulletins
  • US News Channel - our daily online news channel
  • USInternalComms - our Twitter feed providing news, success stories and top tips for employees
  • Webinars - enabling the VC and senior leaders to host engagement sessions online with University employees
  • Video briefings
  • In addition to this we provide Internal Communications support and guidance to our colleagues who are responsible for communications at a local level within Professional Service departments and Schools. This support is included within our  IC Toolkit.


Below you can find out more about  the team and who is best placed to help you. We look forward to receiving your call.


Jane Howard
Internal Communications Officer

Jane  has more than 20 years experience in all aspects of marketing and external and internal communications across both public and private sectors. Jane joined us in November 2011 to develop more specialist skills in internal communications. She has an Honours degree from Durham University and Chartered Institute of Marketing and Business Administration qualifications.

Jane can advise and support you with getting your Internal Communications messages out to all employees in the most effective way. 

As well as supporting University-wide communication, VC & COO briefings, social media and US News Channel, she provides Internal Communications business partner support for the School of Health Sciences, the School of Nursing, Midwifery, Social Work & Social Sciences, the School of the Built Environment and Salford Languages.

Email Jane or call her on ext 54035.


Maria Dickinson 
Internal Communications Officer

Maria has a journalistic background and started her career writing for magazines and topical websites. From there she worked in charity communications; driving national campaigns across print and digital platforms, as well as steering key internal communications. Before joining us Maria spent time in Public Relations, working with some of the biggest events, restaurants and bars in Manchester. She has lots of strategic social media experience, along with creative marketing skills.

Maria can advise and support you with getting your Internal Communications messages out in a targeted and effective way.

As well as supporting University-wide communication, senior leadership events, and the US News Channel and Twitter account, Maria provides Internal Communications business partner support for Salford Business School, the School of Arts & Media, the School of Environment and Life Sciences and Computer Science and Engineering.

You can email Maria or call her on ext. 52348.