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Internal Communications
2nd floor, Humphrey Booth House
Salford, M5 4WT

Jane Howard (left) and Maria Dickinson (right). 

Internal Communications is responsible for communicating business strategy, celebrating successes and promoting university activities to employees, university-wide.

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To request a communication or article, please complete our IC template or contact the internal communications mailbox on with the following information:

1. Briefly, who you are and why it needs to be communicated?

  • You will need to cover, what it is about, who it involves, why it is happening and where it links with the University's strategic priorities ie. our industry collaboration zones

2. When does it need to be communicated? Please bear in mind we ask for five days' notice where possible

3. Who is responsible for signing off the communication?

  •  If it requires further sign off from third parties ie agents etc, you will need to take responsibility for this.

4. If there are any photographs it would be really helpful if you could provide us with a suitable image.

Owing to the high volume of requests received every day to issue communications and information university-wide, we need you to give us at least five working days’ notice. This gives us the opportunity to manage the flow of information, co-ordinate activity and schedule communications to be released in the most timely and effective way. Your co-operation is very much appreciated.


If you require information to be communicated to students, you wish the Press Office to promote it via external media or you want information putting on the University website, please see below.

Press and PR is responsible for communicating externally with the media. Contact the Press Office on 55361 or email:

Student Communications is responsible for communicating to our students. You can contact them by emailing