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Success! Three colleagues honoured by Deputy Chief Nurse Hilary Garratt

Jun 21, 2019

(L-R): Shirley Chappell, Noel Fagan, Jenny Jones
(L-R): Shirley Chappell, Noel Fagan, Jenny Jones

Three colleagues have received prestigious awards in recognition of their talent and the contribution they have made to the NHS.

The Chief Nursing Officer’s awards were presented by Deputy Chief Nurse Hilary Garratt on Thursday afternoon as part of the centenary celebration of Learning Disabilities Nursing.

Shirley Chappell and Jenny Jones were nominated for the Silver Awards by Noel Fagan, who received the Gold Award himself, for their work in the learning disabilities nursing profession.

Shirley is a senior practitioner who has shown a huge personal and professional commitment to the development and delivery of services to people with learning disabilities and is a huge advocate and supporter of the programmes at the university.  

Shirley said: “I’m really excited, and quite nervous, but really humbled that I’ve been nominated. It’s an honour so I just want to thank Noel especially for the nomination, I feel really privileged.”

Jenny, who trained here at the University of Salford, has gone on to demonstrate the positive career opportunities that are open to learning disabilities nurses and has worked across Greater Manchester in a number of different roles. She has supported the programme here as a lecturer-practitioner for two years.

Jenny said: “I’m really excited and really humbled, and I’d like to accept the award on behalf of all learning disabilities nurses.”

Much to his surprise, Noel himself was presented with a Gold Award. Noel received the first Gold Award to be given to a learning disabilities nurse, and the first to be given to somebody in academia.

Noel is a Registered Learning Disabilities Nurse who has worked in the field for 43 years with children and families. He now works part time on the Integrated Practice in Learning Disabilities Nursing and Social Work programme here at the University of Salford.

During the presentation, Hilary said: “Noel uses his experiences to inspire the next generation of nurses and inspire people who are practicing already.

“The people of Greater Manchester and the University of Salford have benefitted immensely from this huge talent, significant experience, and strong values that drives everything you do.”

Noel explained that he was shocked to have received the award and had no idea that he had be nominated.

He said: “I couldn’t be prouder of what all of my students over the many years that I’ve worked here have achieved.

“They are inspirational, and one of the things that gives me the most confidence for the future is that the values that underpin what we do as learning disabilities nurses are going to carry on into the future.”