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Business School wins Bronze Athena SWAN Award

May 13, 2019

Athena SWAN Bronze Award

Congratulations to the Business School, who are now among the few business schools to win a Bronze Athena SWAN award for its commitment to the career progression and retention of female staff in the School.  

This adds to our ever-growing collection, which includes wins by the School of Computing, Science and Engineering, the School of Health Sciences, and the School of Environment and Life Sciences, as well as our 2016 University-wide Bronze Athena SWAN award.

The awards go to institutions that seek to address unequal gender representation across academic disciplines, professional and support functions and who remove the obstacles faced by women.The School-level applications involve much more detailed analysis of the School’s students data including UG & PG admissions (applications, offers, acceptances), degree attainment, employability and school’s staff data (appointments, promotions, research profile, career development, career breaks), as well as policies and practices. Based on the analysis of students and staff data, a detailed four-year action plan was composed to ensure the continuation of good practice.

The Business School won the award due to their very comprehensive action plan for staff and students, focused on improving female representation at all levels and in setting up processes to help monitor gender balance across different activities, such as outreach work. 

The application was led by Head of Athena SWAN Dr Francine Morris and Dr Adrian Monaghan, assisted by Dave Percy and Carole Prestbury. Francine said: “As Head of Athena SWAN for the University I am delighted to see my own School achieve the Bronze Athena SWAN accreditation. The Business School is committed to the advancement of gender equality in representation, progression and success for all.”

Salford Business School Interim Deputy Dean Dr Janice Allan added: "I am absolutely delighted that Salford Business School has received an Athena SWANN bronze award. The award is a welcome recognition of our efforts to address gender inequality in all its forms and, more generally, to create an inclusive environment where the contributions of all staff and students, regardless of gender, sexuality, economic or cultural background, are recognised and rewarded. The application process enabled us to evaluate our practices as a School and our action plan will inform our vision and plans for the future. I would, finally, like to thank Francine Morris and Adrian Monaghan for all the time and effort they invested in this process on our behalf."

We have been continuing to drive gender equality here at Salford under our Athena SWAN objectives; an example of this being the launch of Women’s Voice - the University staff network for women which celebrates and provide a collective voice for female colleagues.

You can find out more about our Athena SWAN objectives here