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Success for three skilled animation graduates

Apr 15, 2019

'Making a Meal of it' scene
'Making a Meal of it' scene

Three Salford graduates are making waves in the animation industry after having their work showcased at last month’s Manchester Film Festival. Cheryl Parker and Sean Jones began working together, along with and Maria-Larisa Covaci, on their final year animation project while at Salford. At the same time, they also started their company ‘Purple Parasol Productions’.


Their final year project ‘Making a Meal of it’ was recognised at The Royal Television Society North West Awards in February, winning the Best Animation category. The film follows ‘Cobb’ as he makes the journey from the 'cold zone' to the 'hot zone' to find water. 



Sean explained that they did not expect to win the RTS award and they were really pleased.  He said: “I feel like all the time that we spent on it and all the work we put into it led up to that moment. We had our graduation and then the ‘Making a Meal of it’ graduation, which was the RTS.”


‘Making a Meal of it’ received further recognition when it was shown at the Manchester Film festival last month.


Sean said: “It was so crazy to have a fully packed cinema watching something that you spent a huge amount of time on, it’s a great feeling.”


Both Cheryl and Sean agreed that they really enjoyed their time at Salford. Cheryl explained: “Looking back for me now I wouldn’t have gone anywhere else, it made sense to come here and it worked out really well.”


The pair are now working for Kilogramme, an animation studio based in the Northern Quarter, Manchester.


To see what other projects the group have been up to take a look at their Vimeo.