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Week in the life of a Graduate Intern #11

Apr 12, 2019


Each week, our new graduate intern, Holly, will be sharing her experience as she crosses over from student to staff member... 

JUST FOUR WORKING DAYS LEFT of my internship, which means this is my penultimate blog post of the series! The last three months have been filled with development and learning opportunities, and this week was no different; grab a cup of tea and let me talk you through it.

It’s funny to think how this time last year I would have been enjoying a long Easter break (I actually would have been frantically typing essays every day, but let’s bypass that fact). As a staff member, I have learnt the University itself does not shut during this time, so I have been in the office as normal.

Even though the Easter holidays have made things slightly quieter than usual, here in Internal Communications, my week has still been rather busy. As I mentioned last week, the number of articles I have written for the Press Office has been steadily increasing; on Monday, another one of my pieces was uploaded to the University news website. This one was about TV and Radio graduate Laura Beth, who has become Rochdale AFC’s first ever female football announcer! It was great having a chat with Laura Beth on the phone and finding out about all the great work she has been doing.

On Tuesday, I was able to attend a free Google Garage session on Social Media Strategy. In the sparkling spring sun, my colleague, Jade, and I walked from our office to the city centre. Our mission: to find out more about how we can improve our social media marketing skills.

The learning did not stop there because, on Wednesday, I attended a University workshop all about creating accessible documents (I love the fact that the University offer these personal and professional development opportunities!). It was intriguing to discover how some documents can prove difficult for people with the likes of Dyslexia or a visual impairment and to find out how small adjustments can make things a lot easier- even adding alternative text to an image can make all the difference.

This week, I also began making use of the fantastic FREE Microsoft Office Specialist programme, worth up to £700! On starting the course, I thought I already knew Word inside out; how wrong was I?! It turns out that there are many, more advanced, features in Word I did not know about, so it has been great to upskill on this. Try it out- you’ll be surprised at just how many things you can learn!

Thursday signalled #NationalPetDay, so I asked you to tweet the cutest snaps of your pets (they well and truly melted our hearts). Congratulations to our Cutest Pet winner, the adorable cat Lego, whose owner, Alessandra Poti, works in the International Opportunities team. It was fierce competition, with more than 20 entries! Secondly, on behalf of the Press Office, I met with Adam, a PhD researcher, to discuss an extremely exciting project involving a local school and the BBC Philharmonic Orchestra… and that’s all I can say on the subject… for now…

This morning, I will be filming an interview with a student about their new business venture, and this afternoon I will be attending the Confederation of Indian Industry Innovators and Entrepreneurship Delegation at Media City to hear from speaker Mr Kris Gopalakrishnan.

Join me next week for my LAST EVER intern blog!