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Chemical Sciences' ‘Industry Insight Event’

Apr 03, 2019

Speed dating under way
Speed dating under way

Dr Jo Denbigh, Dr Josh Lehr and the Chemical Sciences team in the unified science school held a very special and unique meeting of industry and academia for the chemical sciences sector. This was the first of its kind in an exciting new collaboration between the Oil and Colour Chemists Association (OCCA) and Chemical Sciences here at Salford.

Jo said: "This is a partnership which is expected to develop and grow over time to create bridges between the chemicals sector here in the North West and further afield and our chemical sciences students, who will significantly benefit from insight and industry links."

Salford has historically been renowned for skilled Chemistry and associated Chemical Sciences graduates and many industrial partners have expressed delight that this is an area of growth again at the University. After lunch and a warm welcome from Professor David Waddington, students were treated to 10 short TED-style talks from a range of industry specialists, who then took part in an ‘industry meets students’ speed dating event which was a fun (noisy!) and interactive networking session.

Feedback from the OCCA was positive. They said: “Can we please just say how impressed we were by the way your students were so engaged and prepared for the event.   We were all challenged with lots of probing questions and must give credit to you and the staff for ensuring that everyone ‘bought in’ to the whole speed-dating and networking idea”

The students were pretty impressed too. One Level six student wrote: “I really enjoyed the industry talks; it was really interesting to learn about different people’s career paths and the industries they work for. The networking session was really helpful too, as it gave us an opportunity to test out our networking skills. I’m really glad I went to the event and I’m excited to go to more OCCA events in the future. Thank you for this opportunity”

Jo added: "Both industry speakers and students were equally positive about this inaugural event and we are all looking forward to working more closely together on similar events in the future."