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Week in the life of a Graduate Intern #6

Mar 08, 2019


Each week, our new graduate intern, Holly, will be sharing her experience as she crosses over from student to staff member... 

This week has been hectic! We’ve had National Apprenticeship Week, Election Week, Pancake Day, World Book Day, Uni Mental Health Day and International Women’s Day! This has meant generating lots of social content (it has also, of course, meant eating a few too many pancakes!). Although this has been my craziest week yet as a Graduate Intern, it has also been my most rewarding.

Where do I begin? Monday signalled National Apprenticeship Week, which meant filming, editing and uploading to Twitter a series of videos, as mentioned in my last blog-post. My colleague and I interviewed a handful of apprentices, as well as Adele Jones, the Degree Apprenticeships Business Development Lead. It was interesting to hear about how Degree Apprenticeships work, and it was great to hear that Adele was pleased with our work.

Tuesday consisted of writing articles for the Staff Channel, including one about Music Graduate James Holt, who we were able to speak to before his Manchester gig, last Friday (that article should be up next week). Tuesday was also exciting because I sent out my very first press release! The Press Office had asked me to interview and write about Jayne Anderson, a Salford student who is working on a community project; we then sent this article to journalists, before posting it online the following day.

My week was going smoothly, so it was time to make a smoothie (at a banana-fuelled sustainability pop-up in Maxwell)! 

At about 10am on Wednesday, I became extremely busy! I was asked to create videos for International Women’s Day, so I decided to interview a handful of the Women’s Voice Awards nominees. This needed to be done by Friday, and I soon realised that filming and editing five videos in less than 48 hours was a bit of a mammoth task. Like a fearless female, though, I was more than willing to rise to the challenge. International Women’s Day means a lot to me, and I wanted to highlight the amazing work of the nominees!

This would be my first-time filming interviews unassisted, so I was slightly apprehensive, as well as excited. All the women were lovely, and it was fantastic to hear their unique perspectives, especially as they represented a range of roles, from an Estates staff member to a student. I also had the chance to film my former-lecturer Szilvi; it was lovely to see her again. In her video, she spoke about how her colleague Ursula Hurley inspires her. Ursula also taught me when I was a student, so I was thrilled to discover they had both been nominated for an award. Whilst at university, Ursula and Szilvi encouraged and inspired me to achieve; I really admire them because they are strong and intelligent women.

I am attending the Women’s Voice Awards this afternoon, so I can tell you more about what happened next week!