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Week in the life of a Graduate Intern #5

Mar 01, 2019


Each week, our new graduate intern, Holly, will be sharing her experience as she crosses over from student to staff member... 

It’s official: I have officially been a Graduate Business Associate for just over a month! It has been a learning experience and change in routine, but I can safely say I am looking forward to seeing what the next seven weeks bring.

If you read my blog last week, you'll know I got up to quite a lot, but this week has been my busiest yet! On Monday, I went to film an interview with Nurse Lecturer Denise Yuen Megson. Denise has been chosen to take part in the Strong Manchester Women campaign, which is very exciting; it was lovely to discuss how working at the University has shaped her. This was a fantastic learning experience, in terms of setting up the camera and thinking about my interview questions. I was happy with how it went and now feel better-prepared to do further interviews.

This week has been full of filming and editing, as it turns out. For instance, I also tweeted out a video about how almost 2/3 of our students stay on in Greater Manchester for work or further study. To create this video, I went out and approached students to ask them if they were planning on remaining in the area after graduation. I then edited this on Premiere Pro, particularly impressing my line manager. This then led to me being allocated responsibility for editing a series of videos related to National Apprenticeship Week.

I also got the opportunity to do some work with the Press Office, phoning up Jayne Anderson, a third-year student at the University, to interview her for an article I am writing. Jayne has done some inspiring work to bring her local community together (but you’ll have to wait until my article is published, next week, to find out more!).

If you didn’t already know about it, the University hosted a huge rugby league takeover on Thursday. I got the chance to go to the match on the coach, asking students about how excited they were. The atmosphere was vibrant, and I even got to stand next to the pitch!

Not only that, but I also attended a workshop called ‘Communicating with Impact’, which all graduate interns were invited to. This was fascinating and allowed me to understand better ways of communicating, which is a hugely important skill to have, especially in job interviews!

Stay tuned for next week’s blog.

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