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Health and Society Lecturer Chosen as a Strong Manchester Woman

Feb 28, 2019

Denise (pictured right)

Denise Yuen Megson, a Nurse Lecturer in our School of Health and Society, has been chosen to take part in the Strong Manchester Women campaign, which encompasses the city’s theme for International Women’s Day.

Denise, who is now semi-retired, was chosen to take part as a result of her voluntary work at Wai Yin Society, where she has helped to present a weekly radio broadcast, Radio Sheunglok, since 2017, as well as delivering talks on health-related topics.

As part of the Strong Manchester Women campaign, Denise was asked to take part in a photoshoot, which will be used on posters and billboards around the city. She will also be sharing her story at a series of ‘Learning Lunches’, in addition to giving a presentation at the Pankhurst Trust.

Denise will also be taking part in Manchester City Council’s flagship Walk for Women, which will take place on Saturday 2 March from 1:30pm. Denise describes the walk as a “symbol of solidarity,” and encourages everyone to join in, emphasising that you don’t have to be a woman to take part.

Denise believes her Strong Women roots started at the University and said, “Salford is very strong in supporting different causes.” Since starting at the University, in 2005, she has been part of groups like SSWAN (Salford Staff Women's Action Network) and the BME Network.

As a Strong Manchester Woman, Denise emphasises the importance of breaking down barriers and pushing boundaries, which she has done throughout her time in learning disability specialism: “In this world, there is nothing you cannot do.”

Denise Megson from US News Channel videos on Vimeo.