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Week in the life of a Graduate Intern #2

Feb 08, 2019

Holly Attwell

Each week, our new graduate intern will be sharing her experience as she crosses over from student to staff member...

Hello! For those of you who didn’t read my last blog, my name is Holly, and I’m a Marketing and External Relations Graduate Intern. In this post, I will be telling you all about what I got up to in my second week with the internal communications team.

This week started with some exciting news: if you didn’t already know, the University has secured funding to be the first EPSRC Centre for Doctoral Training in Prosthetics and Orthotics in the UK! Monday also signalled a space being made for me on the staff whiteboard (perhaps not quite as exciting , but all the same). Here in comms each morning we have a small meeting where we discuss our tasks and stick post-it notes onto a board. Receiving my own section on this board made me feel more like an official team member.

I also came into work on Monday with a potential future feature idea- keep your eyes peeled- and news about the Writer’s Journal open mic night, which I advertised on the staff channel. When I was a student, I was on the Writer’s Journal committee and used to help organise such events; now here I am, spreading the word about it amongst staff (once responsible for Writer’s Journal marketing, always responsible!). This is just one of several events that I have written about on the staff channel this week, including one inolving my very own lecturer Stephen M Hornby!

The most exciting thing I got to do this week, though, was helping to create a Vogue-style ‘23 Questions With’ video. It was fun thinking up interesting questions for New Adelphi Theatre’s Front of House and Audience Development manager, Ashlee Cox. It was great chatting to Ashlee, as she was also a student and intern here. When we rehearsed this video on the seventh floor of Adelphi, I was taken back to my days as a Drama and Creative Writing student. Keep a look-out for that video; who knows, you may even be a candidate for our next 23 Questions video (if you taught me when I was an undergraduate, you may especially be next on our list!). 

Next Friday, I will be letting you know how my third week goes. 


Great day filming yesterday with Ashlee from the fabulous @newadelphitheatre. Video coming to the staff channel soon...

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