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Philippines work together on Smart Transport System and Asset Management

Feb 08, 2019

Colleagues over at the School of the Built Environment (SoBE) conducted a five-day research workshop at De la Salle University, Philippines earlier this year, exploring the challenges facing developing countries around transport systems and asset management. The rapid urban population growth in the Philippines results in increased demand placed on the transportation network, leading to road congestion, accidents and deterioration of road surfaces. The workshop explored various innovative solutions to address this issue.


19 UK participants from eight UK Universities and four industry partners, representing transportation clients and service providers were involved. Professor Zeeshan Aziz, lecturer in construction management, SoBE and lead workshop co-ordinator said: “The key workshop focus has been on use of Smart City innovations to improve the efficiency, safety and reliability of the road infrastructure. The workshop brought together UK and Philippines researchers from multiple disciplines including the built environment, engineering, management, computing and social sciences. The focus was on developing multi-disciplinary approaches for transportation of challenges of 21st century. It provided a venue for both the UK and local experts to learn about the Smart transport practices in developed countries, as well as better understanding the challenges, culture, demand and limitations in developing countries with the view to identifying collaborative solutions.

The Smart Transport Systems workshop is part of a new programme supported by the British Council to encourage international research partnerships. The initiative provides opportunities for early career researchers to learn from each other and explore opportunities for building long-lasting research collaborations.