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Cafe Conversations with Louise

Feb 27, 2019

Louise Edwards-Holland
Louise Edwards Holland

Our Director of HR and Organisational Development, Louise Edwards-Holland, is starting a new series Cafe Conversations and wants to hear about the things that matter to you. 

Café Conversations are a great opportunity to share an idea, give feedback or just have an informal chat over a coffee.

The sessions will take place right across campus and each of them has a theme, from ‘Reward and Recognition’ to ‘Health and Wellbeing’. However, if you do want to talk about something else that’s absolutely fine. “I’m here to listen,” said Louise. “There are so many great ideas across the University, I hope the sessions will provide an opportunity to speak openly about the issues that affect us all.”


You can find Louise at the following venues:

Wed 23/01/19 – 11.00am – 12noon Library Café

Topic: Our People Plan


Thur 28/02/19 – 11.00am – 12noon Mary Seacole Café

Topic: Reward and Recognition


Thur 28/03/19 – 10.30am – 11.30am Maxwell Café

Topic: How are you using technology?


Thur 02/05/19 – 13.00pm – 14.00pm New Adelphi Café

Topic: Health and Wellbeing


Mon 03/06/19 – 13.00pm – 14.00pm  MediaCityUK Café

Topic: Reward and Recognition