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Professor in Telecommunications Nigel Linge takes on prestigious Editorial role

Jan 07, 2019

This month Professor in telecommunications Nigel Linge is taking on a new external role as the Editor of the Journal of the Institute of Telecommunications Professionals (ITP), formally known as the Institution of British Telecom Engineers (IBTE).

Crissi Williams, CEO of the ITP remarked “We are delighted to welcome Nigel, a long-standing friend and supporter into this new role; he is the perfect man for the job. Over the years he has provided valuable insight and guidance on all aspects of our work, and we are extremely grateful for his expertise.

The ITP is the UK’s leading independent institution for people who work in telecommunications and is recognised as the voice for the UK telecoms industry. They are dedicated to promoting the professional and career development of members through Professional registration, training, mentoring and qualifications.

Outgoing editor Andy Valdar Professor in Electronic & Electrical engineering, University College London said:

“I would like to record my appreciation to all the members for their kind support during my tenure. We have all worked hard to establish a broader-based set of subjects to be covered in the Journal. Nigel will be the first Chairman of the Editorial Board who has not worked for BT during his distinguished career.  This makes an important statement about the Board’s desire to broaden the base for articles within the Journal.”

Nigel has been an esteemed member of the Journal’s editorial board for several years writing a column for each issue name ‘Back in the day'

Nigel commented on his appointment, saying: “Naturally it is an honour and privilege to be offered this new role. It is of course also important for Salford as it raises our profile within the telecoms industry and also plays to our ICZ agenda.”

The Journal draws together in-depth features within the sector. Follow Nigel’s’ journey with ITP by subscribing to the Journal online.