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Student Voice have been busy refreshing the branded vinyls around campus

Dec 06, 2018

Student Voice have been busy refreshing the branded vinyls around campus. You’ll notice the messages previously on yellow vinyl have been replaced this week, including a range of quotes from former students, on a vibrant green background.

Head of Student Experience and Engagement, Craig Best, said: “We are pleased to have updated signage at several locations across campus and have brought in additional signage at the B’Hive, the library and University House.  We felt people may become accustomed to the existing signs so decided it was time to refresh the quotes.”

These quotes are a timely reminder of the types of feedback we have received from students and the ongoing importance of Student Voice to support positive changes to the student experience.

There are several opportunities throughout the academic year where students are invited to feedback:

  • Salford Student Survey
  • Module Review
  • Graduate Outcomes
  • NSS

We’d ask that you give your students the opportunity to complete these within timetabled teaching.  Students are more likely to respond to requests from a lecturer or member of staff that they know, so we feel that programme leaders, lecturers and other academic staff are the vital link to raising awareness of the campaigns we conduct with our students.

The role of the Programme Leader and any other staff member who has regular contact with our students is to ensure they are made aware of the various Student Voice mechanisms and encourage them to get involved.. 

The Student Voice team created a toolkit to help staff inform, engage and encourage students to participate in the various student voice mechanisms to achieve the best completion rates for your school and programme.

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