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SID week - Day 4 - Thursday 8 November

Nov 08, 2018

SID week will take place from 6 November 2018
SID week will take place from 5 November 2018

Today sees our Living Library open on campus from 11am to 2pm.

Come along to The Library where you can borrow a "living book". The "living books" are volunteers from amongst our staff and student community representing different and diverse lives.

Have a look at the range of "books" on offer.

Register to take out your "book" at Library reception or by email on

Myths and Challenges - Day 4

Myth: - “Inclusion and diversity is just about ticking boxes” FALSE

While tick-boxes are one of the ways of collecting data in an institution, inclusion and diversity is about translating that data into information that can inform change.  What doesn’t get measured doesn’t get done – inclusion and diversity needs to be measured and monitored – in the same way that finances are monitored through budgets – so that issues are identified and action can be taken.

Daily Challenge: - What does the data show you?

There are many ways in which you could translate data into something much more meaningful. You could pinpoint any problems that might be at play, for example representation of certain groups at management level, uptake of flexible working options by gender, or student attainment & employability by characteristics. You would then need to create initiatives that seek to tackle underlying issues.

Recognise that boxes do sometimes have to be ticked, but that the real value comes from what you do after this stage.

Take a look at the I&D annual report,-diversity-and-athena-swan and contact the Inclusion and Diversity team to create local action plans   

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