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Annual pay uplift and additional closure day for colleagues

Sep 13, 2018

Louise Edwards-Holland
Louise Edwards-Holland, Director of Human Resources & Organisational Development

Dear colleagues,

Following the Vice-Chancellor’s annual address yesterday, I am writing to confirm the information that was shared regarding the annual pay uplift and the designation of an additional closure day in recognition of the work and achievements of colleagues across the University this year. 

Annual Pay Uplift

The annual pay settlement negotiations for 2018/19 have now concluded and the Universities and Colleges Employers Association (UCEA) has recommended that participating employers increase pay by;


  • Up to 2.8% for colleagues on spine points 1 to 15
  • 2% for colleagues from point 16 to point 51 on the new JNCHES pay spine

Although, in the current financial climate, payment of the annual settlement is challenging, the University will be uplifting base salaries for all colleagues on the JNCHES pay spine (to point 51) in line with the recommendation of UCEA. The pay uplift will be processed in your September 2018 pay and will be backdated to 1 August 2018. Further details of the revised new JNCHES pay spine can be downloaded here.

For colleagues above point 51, no pay increase will be processed in September. Remuneration Committee approval will be sought to apply the 2%. We expect to be able to confirm the outcome of their decision in October and will provide further information on this is due course.  

It should be noted that the University is an accredited Living Wage Foundation employer and therefore our colleagues who are paid at Point 3 and 4 of the University pay spine are already being paid more than this pay uplift would grant them if they did not receive the Living Wage Foundation rate of £8.75 per hour. The Living Wage Foundation are expected to announce their new rates in November 2018 and as in previous years, the University will give consideration to implementing the increased rate.

Further information regarding the annual pay uplift can be downloaded here.

Additional Closure Day

As a thank you for all of the effort that colleagues have put in over the past twelve months, and the results that have been achieved for the University, the Vice-Chancellor, and senior leadership team, have designated that Christmas Eve, Monday 24 December 2018, will be an additional closure day for all colleagues. For most colleagues, this will mean that they are able to finish work on Friday 21 December (a normal working day), not returning to the University until Wednesday 2 January 2019. It is recognised that our people work incredibly hard to make the University a success, and we want to ensure that we recognise this commitment by providing an extended period of leave.

Further information regarding the additional closure day can be downloaded here.

If you have any queries regarding the content of this email please contact HR Advice on 52121.

Kind regards,

Louise Edwards-Holland
Director of Human Resources & Organisational Development