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Hisham hits headlines down under

Sep 03, 2018

Professor Elkadi in Geelong
Professor Elkadi in Geelong

Dean of the School of the Built Environment Professor Hisham Elkadi has recently returned from Geelong, Australia. As an expert in smart cities, he had been invited to advise on what should be the next steps in the continuing successful development of the region. His visit drew national coverage from the Australian media.

Professor Elkadi was head of the school of architecture and the built environment at Deakin University in Geelong, prior to taking up his post at Salford in 2014. Whilst there, he led the Vision 11 concept which called for initiatives around transport, student housing and the environment, with a major element being a Green Spine running through the city; the first stage of which is now complete.

In this latest trip, he recommended that the development of a prime coastal area known as ‘Point Henry’ should be the city’s next major development. He suggested it could host a new university, cruise ship and ferry terminal and large entertainment precinct, similar to our MediaCityUK campus. He also suggested the under-utilised area could be the epicentre of a new drone highway similar to the drone taxi well underway at Heathrow Airport,

He said: “This is real. This is not the future; we’re already in that space.”