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Rail Chaos: Letter to PM from Northern Powerhouse Partnership

Jun 12, 2018

Vice-Chancellor, Professor Helen Marshall
Professor Helen Marshall

Dear colleagues, 

As a Northern Rail commuter myself I have shared in the frustrations of colleagues in recent weeks as timetables have been disrupted with multiple delays and cancellations affecting the daily travel plans of thousands of commuters.

In response to this unacceptable situation I have added my name to a letter from the Northern Powerhouse Partnership to the Prime Minister that was published in the The Times on Sunday at the weekend. The letter can be read in full here, complete with the list of individuals and organisations who have also added their support. 

This may not feel like a practical solution to the huge problems that are ongoing with Northern Rail but it is an act of solidarity to keep up the pressure and public awareness to those outside of the region. It is not just the direct impact this has on the operation of the University, but also on the reputation of the North of England as a place to do business. We’re incredibly proud of our location in the heart of Greater Manchester, but a potential industry partner visiting from overseas just last week experienced real problems in getting to campus from Manchester Airport. This isn’t good for the University and it isn’t good for the Northern economy as a whole.

As well as the impact on existing staff and students. We also need to think about attracting the best and brightest to Salford both to work and study. Our creaking transport system however will no doubt make some potential students and employees who would normally commute and are interested in coming to Salford think twice.

For all of these reasons, we must keep up the pressure on Northern Rail to improve and by lending my name to this letter it is a small step in the right direction to get things back on track. 

Kind regards,

Professor Helen Marshall


Read the letter in full here - you may need to subscribe to access The Times and Sunday Times articles, there is no cost to do this.  

Sunday Times Northern Rail letter