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Major policy announcement at University of Salford conference

Jan 12, 2018

Matthew Coats
Matthew Coats

The senior civil servant behind a major Government modernisation project announced the latest phase of the policy at a University of Salford event.

Giving the keynote address at the Shared Services Conference 2018, Cabinet Office official Matthew Coats unveiled the next steps in the Shared Services Strategy for Government - the first time details of the policy have been made public.

The conference, organised by our subsidiary company Salford Professional Development (SPD), also featured speakers from the National Audit Office and the Higher Education Funding Council for England.

The Government’s shared services strategy aims to save hundreds of millions of pounds across Government departments by creating universal digital platforms and standardising internal processes.

Mr Coats, the interim head of Government Shared Services, said: “We are aiming to be the best civil service in the world delivering 21st Century services to the people of this country.

“The civil service is very complex; if you think of it in terms of people it has somewhere in the region of half a million staff. It is very diverse, from foreign policy to producing driving licences and everything in between.

“We can’t stand still, and if we want to develop and improve our position then shared services are the way to do that.”

The conference, chaired by Salford Business School's Associate Dean (International) Eileen Roddy, was attended by more than 100 delegates from central government, local councils and the NHS.

SPD OneCPD Managing Director Paul Bolton said: “We were delighted to welcome such a high profile speaker for our first event of 2018.

“The Cabinet Office’s decision to launch the latest phase of their policy at today’s event is testament to our growing reputation as thought leaders in the public sector.

“As SPD grows its diverse portfolio of events, we look forward to bringing more delegates together with key decision makers in Government policy, healthcare, education and the built environment.”

SPD recently recorded another record year as pre-tax profits soared 44 per cent to £978,000 in the 12 months to July 2017. As a wholly owned subsidiary of the university, all SPD profits go directly to funding teaching and research.

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