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Women's Voice on gender parity: Tell us what you think & what you want

Oct 11, 2017

The Women’s Voice network is delighted to offer you the opportunity to join thier special lunchtime debate to discuss issues which are affecting you at the University of Salford. The team will be putting the spotlight on gender parity and are eager to hear what you think and what you want. 

Be Bold for Change continues the 2017 International Women’s Day campaign and explores five key themes including: Culture, Career Progression, Skills Development, Work-Life Balance and Gender Equality through tabled discussions on each theme hosted by a member of the WV steering committee.

Participants will be encouraged to visit each themed table to join in discussions with colleagues. Issues raised will be anonymised and collated by the WV team to put to senior management at a later date.

Women's Voice Chair Dr Kirsty Fairclough said: “Women’s Voice are delighted to introduce our next event which will focus on gender parity - we want to know what you think and what you want. This is an opportunity for staff to discuss what works and what we as an institution need to do better. All are welcome to share issues affecting them as part of our ongoing Women’s Voice network events.”

Where is This Happening

Council Chamber, The Old Fire Station, October 24, Noon until 2pm. *Please bring your own refreshments.*

Who Should Attend

Anybody interested in sharing issues with fellow colleagues and joining the debate for greater gender parity and positive change at the University.



The Women’s Voice network was set up to celebrate and provide a collective voice for female colleagues at the University of Salford with four over-arching objectives to raise awareness of current issues and take action towards greater inclusive gender parity:

 Identity: researching issues affecting women in the workplace

 Platform: offering a space for differing opinions to be voiced

 Growth: actively promoting personal development via collaborative events

 Impact: influencing organisation and cultural change.