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StREAM pilot to launch with the aim of improving student retention

Sep 25, 2017

We’re pleased to share that a pilot of StREAM, a new service aimed at supporting students and improving retention, is to be rolled out across the Directorate of Civil Engineering in the School of Computing, Science & Engineering and all level 4 programmes in Salford Business School. StREAM is a service provided by Solutionpath which offers an opportunity to identify and make positive interventions for those students at risk of early withdrawal.

How does StREAM work?

Algorithms on StREAM examine data and digital interactions from centralised data points such as library book loans, online assessment submissions, campus swipes and tutorial attendance. Automated alerts will flag up students drifting below a course engagement average and allow staff to foster positive conversations and deliver targeted personal, relevant and timely support. In particular, StREAM will help Personal Tutors, Programme Leaders and Student Progression Administrators to support students and to improve retention.

Staff can monitor students’ engagement at any time using an online dashboard and students will also be able to log into their personal profile to check how they are performing.

Why are we doing the pilot?

Student retention is a key strategic focus here at the University and StREAM provides a solution which will help to improve this, with consequential positive effects upon both budgets and the use of resources. StREAM will analyse and present key engagement data in a more usable form to both staff and students, helping to develop a personal tutoring partnership between them, underpinned by a focus upon doing everything possible to ensure their retention and success. This also supports the University-wide strategy of being ‘TEF ready’.

The pilot aims to test StREAM’s usefulness in enabling coherent, repeatable reporting insights on disparate University data sources and enhancing decision-making, leading to appropriate and timely interventions which should improve student success and retention. The pilot will last for one year and at that point a decision will be made about whether to roll the service out across the whole University.   

Who delivers StREAM? 

StREAM is a service delivered by Solutionpath, an award-winning software developer within the higher education sector. Last week Solutionpath came onto campus to deliver a workshop to those colleagues who will be involved in the pilot (see below). The team will be working closely with us throughout the trial.

If you have any questions about StREAM please email Carl Hayes at or Monique Millington at