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EU Citizen Staff Network Group

Sep 11, 2017

Jo Purves
Jo Purves

Dear Colleagues

Back in March when Article 50 of the Lisbon Treaty was triggered and the formal start of the UK’s exit from the European Union (EU) was started, we contacted everyone with details of our online pages regarding Brexit and tried to provide information that may be useful to colleagues who were non UK citizens of the EU, providing a range of FAQs and providing links to Government information.

The University has developed a Brexit Task Group which meets regularly and has had representation at various sector-wide conferences and events, talking to other institutions and leaders about Brexit and its consequences within the Higher Education sector.

As a result we are launching an EU Citizen Staff Network Group. The first event will take place on 25th October in Maxwell Hall. The aim of the event is to develop representation of the EU citizen staff group in the organisation, build a bond with that group of staff, provide assurance and support from the University and create a space for EU citizens who work here to share concerns and advice. The event will be social and is open to UK citizens too, especially those that have a spouse or family member who is an EU citizen. Dr Ivan Garcia has already agreed to speak at the first event to share his experience of going through the process of applying for British Citizenship and will be able to take questions.

The event will be taking place at Lower Maxwell Hall 3pm – 5pm, Wednesday 25th October. If you would like to attend please email so we have some idea of the numbers attending for teas, coffees and refreshments.

Best wishes,

Jo Purves

Pro Vice-Chancellor for International & Regional Partnerships