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Become Unstoppable: Creative Marketing team unveils new brand guidelines to be proud of

Aug 08, 2017

Our new brand guidelines challenge you to 'become unstoppable'

Our Creative Marketing team has just unveiled new brand guidelines which encourage our university community to ‘become unstoppable’. The guidelines outline an inspirational new brand identity which believes that by living out our values of IndustryIntegrity and Initiative, we will empower our students and colleagues and the businesses and communities we work with to pursue their academic, professional and personal goals with confidence.

It is hoped the bold new positioning will trigger positive feelings and expectations and create a common sense of identity across our complex, multi-campus University. The guidelines encourage colleagues to consider three key questions when producing any piece of communication; who are we talking to, what do we want to achieve and how will we deliver it? With our diverse range of audiences it’s important we acknowledge their different needs, while still maintaining a distinctive voice which reflects our key values and personality.

The guidelines outline our unique brand proposition, tone of voice and visual identity (including how to use our coat of arms and logos), as well as providing lots of digital and print design examples.

Associate Director of Marketing Hannah Burchell says: “Over the past year we’ve had our ear to the ground, listening carefully to market research findings and engaging with key stakeholders to develop revised look and feel for the University. These new brand guidelines are a reflection of where we feel our brand should be. Yes it’s bold and ambitious, but at the same time maintains our core values and reflects our warm and welcoming appeal.”

Studio Manager Andrea Green adds: “This is an exciting time for higher education which is changing rapidly. I think our bold new guidelines say we aren’t afraid to do things differently here at Salford. In order to build a strong brand it’s vital that everyone who represents Salford understands how to do so in a consistent way, so we’ve created these guidelines to show you how the brand should appear across all kinds of communications.”

You can find our new brand guidelines and toolkit here.

If you have any questions regarding branding please contact Studio Manager Andrea Green at