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Employees now eligible for apprenticeships

Jul 14, 2017

Introduction to Contracts seminar
Introduction to Contracts seminar

We’re happy to support recent government reforms enabling existing employees to undertake apprenticeships. These provide a work-based learning route to gain a formal qualification and will be fully funded by the Apprenticeship Levy (introduced April 2017).

We are currently seeking interest from employees for these apprenticeships, delivered by Salford Business School, with a Sept 2017 or Jan 2018 start;

·         Associate Project Manager (L4 Cert HE Project Management Consultancy)

·         Operational/Departmental Manager (L5 FdSc Business and Management)

For clarity, these are open courses for external applicants that the University is supporting employees to apply for and providing full funding. Undertaking an apprenticeship as an existing employee enables you to stay in your existing role whilst doing a fully funded qualification.

Please note that an apprenticeship is a very specific type of is development designed to deliver a significant amount of new skill and knowledge. It is most suited to early career professionals, career changers, and people being developed into a significant new aspect of their role. The usual duration is 18-24 months with at least 20% time out of the ‘day job’. For these reasons the decision to undertake one of these apprenticeships must be a joint one between you and your line manager, and would usually be identified through a PDR discussion. Full information and eligibility criteria are provided in the guidance notes.

If you are interested in these apprenticeships and would like to find out more information, visit the HR website where you will find a comprehensive guide as well as information on the application process.