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Santander Universities supporting student internships

Mar 13, 2017

The Santander Internship scheme has been designed for our students to gain first-hand experience within a real business environment for up to ten weeks.

Students are able to benefit from work-based learning and forge links with industry which fully supports the University’s ICZ strategy.

Internships provide students the opportunity to gain valuable industry knowledge and experience which will help with their employability, CV profile and work preparedness. Students can develop professional skills related to their career field and put theory learnt in the classroom into practice.

The internships are paid and a student can earn up to £300 a week. The internships can be full time – over the summer months for current students or part time to fit alongside their studies. The scheme is also open to all graduates from the university.

The internship scheme is delivered and managed by the Employer Liaison Team within AskUS who are working with local SMEs to source a wide variety of opportunities.

As part of the our approach to collaborative working and to support the relationship with Santander, colleagues are asked to highlight the Santander scheme to students and encourage them to apply.

We are also encouraging students to source their own internships by researching local companies that they wish to work with and approach them to discuss gaining work experience.

We encourage colleagues to advertise the scheme to their SME contacts aware of the scheme and explain how they can benefit from the funding.

Internships between one and two weeks are fully funded by Santander; these can be full time, part time, one day a week spread over a number of weeks. Internships between three and 10 weeks are part funded by the SME and Santander.

Full details of the scheme for students can be found here, and SMEs can be signposted to the business facing web pages.

Please contact Suzanne Hitchman on ext. 54179 for further details about the scheme.